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ePayItOnline @ – Online Medical Billing Portal

If you’re aware of today’s digital shift, you’ll know that transacting in cash is a thing of the past. Although traditional payment methods like cheque, cash, debit, and credit card continue to be used heavily, online payment is slowly taking a center position as more and more business move online. From cases to net banking, online payment methods are improving significantly in terms of UX and security.

If you’re marketing your products online, setting up the correct payment gateways can define how well your business will perform. A payment gateway approves fund transfers in e-transactions made between sellers and buyers. PayPal, Secure Pay, Stripe and Square are a few popular payment gateways that can enable online businesses to manage directly online instead of the subject on predictable models.

How To Pay Bills Using EPay It Online?

Paying bills using Epay it online is a very easy task. It would only take a few minutes to make the payment. Fulfill the necessary requirements and follow the process which is described in the following section.


To pay bills on EPay It Online you need some details. Here is the list of things you need.

  • Code ID
  • Your access number
  • Any device to access the internet. (Example: Mobile phone, Tablet, PC or a Laptop.)
  • An active Internet connection or Wi-Fi connection to access the website

In case you are wondering what is Code ID and Access number, scroll down to the process and you will know what is it and where you can find it.

Step By Step Process

  • First, take your device and make sure the internet is accessible.
  • Connect the device to an internet connection or a Wi-Fi connection, date connection, wired connection anything.
  • After connecting to the internet. Open a browser such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari, etc.
  • Then enter the official web address of EPay It Online that is and start the search.
  • Then you will land on the site. Your screen should look like something similar to this image.

  • Here first enter the Code ID in the first box.
  • Then enter the access code in the boxes provided. It’s divided into three parts and three boxes are given. Enter them every box as required.
  • If you don’t know what the Code ID and Access number are scrolls down to the guide.
  • Then click on submit.
  • Now you will land in the payment portal.
  • Here select your payment method such as credit card, debit card, net banking, e-wallets, etc.
  • And complete your payment as your bank instructs you to.

Online Transaction Process

To understand how online payments work, we will follow the transaction from start to finish. In this way, you can see how your website, members either donor or your payment service provider all co-operate to make a payment successful.

To set up online payments, you typically need:

  • a merchant account – Some payment systems like PayPal do not require a merchant account or can provide you if it is required
  • an account with a payment service provider
  • a web page with a button that starts the transaction process – you can use code delivered by your service provider or specialized shopping cart software

After setting up your web page connect it to an online payment service, visitors to your site will be able to make payment for products or services. The online payment process starts when the visitor clicks the button to pay online for membership fees or event registration or to make a little donation or buying something from your online store.

On the online payment form that appears, the customer enters their card details then submits the transaction request. Depending on the specific online payment service provider, the form may or may not appear on your website, or your purchaser may be straightaway redirected to a form on your service provider’s website.

The transaction appeal, along with the card details entered by the purchaser, is tightly transmitted to the payment gateway worked by your payment service provider. The data is encrypted so that no one can view the purchaser’s personal and financial information and hidden.


Your payment provider will use a secure payment processing service to verify the purchaser’s credit card details and confirm whether the purchaser has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

If the purchaser’s authorizations are valid and there are sufficient funds to make the transaction, your payment service provider will state a transfer of funds from the purchaser’s bank account to the merchant account associated with your website, and inform your website that the operation has been approved. Depending on how your website is set up, that info can be used to automatically update accounts on your site. If the transaction is failed for any reason – invalid credentials or insufficient funds – no funds will be moved, but the status will still be sent to your website.


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